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    Expert Blockpaver Bolton For Beautiful Driveways and Gardens

    When looking for a blockpaver Bolton, don’t hesitate to call us! We offer the best block paving services in the area with our team of expert contractors.

    What You Should Know About Block Paving

    Block Paving is also known as brick paving. If you want to install a decorative hard-standing path or driveway, this is one of the most common and effective options. 

    Why choose bricks as materials for paving your driveway, patios or paths? One of the main advantages of doing so is that bricks are comprised of individual blocks, and all you have to do is to have them lifted or replaced if they get worn-out or damaged.

    What are brick pavings made of? Typically clay or concrete, or at times, other composite materials. If you choose concrete style blocks, you’ll find that they can be made up of recycled materials such as old building rubble or crushed glass.

    You can opt to have us as your blockpaver Bolton to create a beautiful laying pattern for your driveway, patio or paths. The most popular by far is the interlocking herringbone pattern because it features the strongest block bonding.

    We are specialist gardeners in Bolton and also offer;


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    Where Can You See Block Paving?

    Generally, you can see them on driveways, walkways, patios, pavements, and road surfacing. Having block paving installed in your driveway, you’ll find it as a stylish addition to your home. You can choose from different styles and preferences of materials. Your patio can look more beautiful as well.

    Block pavements are popularly used in traffic areas at the same time, normally as a practical and pleasing solution for walkway and road surfaces. It is so because of its sturdy interlocking, along with the replaceability of the individual blocks when needed. 

    Why Choose Block Paving?

    A huge range of benefits can be obtained if you choose block paving. We offer the best workmanship with a price that suits your budget. As you’ll realize, this option for beautifying and keeping your driveway or garden features functional last longer. Our proficient contractors will provide information about its proper maintenance, too. The benefits of block pavement are the following:

    • It will add more value to your property
    • You can select from various choices of colours
    • You can choose from various styles
    • It will enhance the appearance of your property
    • You can choose from a variety of style patterns
    • It is more sturdy because of its interlocking characteristic
    • It is more resistant to fading compared to other alternatives
    • Repairs are cheaper because the bricks can be replaced individually
    • It allows for easier drainage because there is no need to install a separate drainage

    We Install The Best Block Paving In Bolton

    We are a premier blockpaver Bolton that can do the job right and excellently. As skilled and knowledgeable driveway specialists, we are proficient in laying and interlocking the bricks at your driveway or garden. 

    Contact us as the right company that will install your block paving, and we will guarantee you a perfect drive, and experience the delight of walking pleasantly in your garden. Our well-trained contractors will work with you and make sure to come up with the most suitable design and pattern according to your liking. We will help you choose the best colour to match your property or its surroundings.

    How We Install Block Paving

    The first thing we do is inspect the site. Then we prepare and excavate it. If the land in your property is soft, our contractors will install a sub-base so that its foundation will be more stable.

    Then we edge out the site so that space would be set for the excavation and laying out of the paving. A standard sub-base comes with all pavings. A compactor would then compact the land, after which a layer of sharp sand is going to be laid on top. The sand will be raked, and the contractors would use string lines together with screeding rails to check and ensure that it is even.

    The paving will start to be laid and we see to it that it is according to the flow of your desired colours and pattern. When this is finished, the joints would be brushed with kiln dried sand, and compacted with the use of a vibrating plate. This way, the interlocking will be strengthened, and make sure that the laying of the bricks is levelled. This process will be performed twice to ensure that all joints are filled.

    Contact Us For All Your Block Paving Needs

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to installing the wide selections of colours, patterns, and designs, along with the shapes and sizes of the blocks for block pavements. We are a premier blockpaver Bolton and we work with the best of ethics, workmanship and price to ensure that you, our valued customer, will be happy and satisfied with your driveway and garden enhancement.

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