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How Much Does Blockpaving Cost?

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    How Much Does Blockpaving Cost?

    Block paving a driveway, patio or path can be quite costly so it’s important to get multiple quotes so you can compare block paving prices before you decide to go ahead with the work. Here we have listed some ballpark figures for both materials and labour which would give you an idea of what it costs for block paving the area you require.

    Our Block paving Bolton prices can vary wildly and it’s important to know what you’re paying for when you get a block paving quote. This guide will show you how much each part of the process will cost so you can budget properly.

    Block Paving Prices

    Block paving prices often cover more than just the cost of the brick itself. A typical block paving job costs around £8-10 per sq.m, depending on materials used and the workmanship of your builder or paving company. Adding extras like edging stones, steps and drainage solutions can result in a final bill that’s much higher again.


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    Why Choose Block Paving?

    A huge range of benefits can be obtained if you choose block paving. We offer the best workmanship with a price that suits your budget. As you’ll realize, this option for beautifying and keeping your driveway or garden features functional last longer. Our proficient contractors will provide information about its proper maintenance, too. The benefits of block pavement are the following:

    • It will add more value to your property
    • You can select from various choices of colours
    • You can choose from various styles
    • It will enhance the appearance of your property
    • You can choose from a variety of style patterns
    • It is more sturdy because of its interlocking characteristic
    • It is more resistant to fading compared to other alternatives
    • Repairs are cheaper because the bricks can be replaced individually
    • It allows for easier drainage because there is no need to install a separate drainage

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