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    Let the specialists in-the-know do the job in your lawn. That is, to make it beautiful because it doesn’t just happen!

    If you’re looking for a gardener Bolton and landscapes Bolton services, you can call us because our company has the expertise and a proven system of success that has made countless of property owners in the area satisfied. Our well-trained and skilled team of technicians will take care of everything for you, from seasonal lawn care to ice and snow control.

    Our company employs landscape specialists who are punctual, honest and professional. The services that we deliver are exceptional, exceeding your expectations as customers.

    You can boost the appearance of your property, or give it an exterior facelift with the help of our landscapes Bolton company. The services that we offer care for your property, your budget and your landscaping needs.

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    What Landscape Services Do We Offer?

    They are the following:

    Lawn and Bed Maintenance

    We provide an extensive line of services for this aspect, from turf care and pruning to seasonal clean-up, among others. Upkeeping the beautiful appearance of your garden can be difficult, but we’ll do it for you.

    What sets our company apart is that our technicians have in-depth knowledge and are well-trained about the soil, the local climate and other factors that affect the condition of your garden.

    Hardscaping and Landscaping

    Making your outdoor area a natural extension of your home, we’ll help create a beautiful outdoor space that incorporates the exterior of your house with its interior. We’re the experts when it comes to professionally created and designed hardscapes and landscapes. 

    With our excellent craftsmanship, your home can have its added value and curb appeal, that in the long run, will put money back in your pocket.

    What landscape style do you prefer? Our landscape designs are absolutely breathtaking. Other than applying the aesthetics, we also consider what suits your property. The features that we set-up in our landscaping services typically include:

    • Customized exterior/outdoor lighting
    • Trees, plants, shrubbery, and vegetation
    • Decks and patios
    • Ponds and fountains
    • Seasonal garden beds
    • Installation of fences

    You may also want to put in additions to your outdoor space, such as:

    • Stepping stones
    • Stonework
    • Pavers
    • Fire pits
    • Retaining walls
    • Sidewalks
    • Other structures or buildings

    Costly damage can be prevented from occurring to your property with landscape/ hardscape done correctly. Other than adding curb appeal, you and your family and friends can have an enjoyable time relaxing in your beautiful outdoor area.

    Outdoor Lighting

    Enjoying the natural sunlight in your outdoor space is great, but it is just as fantastic to relish your garden area at night by setting-up beautiful outdoor lighting. Our professionals have sufficient training and skills in installing outdoor lighting, enhancing your landscape at night and making it more astounding. 

    We’re the experts in perfecting the look of your garden space when the sun goes down.

    Pest, Weed and Fertilization

    Leave it to us when you need to combat the infestation of weeds, pests and dead grass in your garden. The dedicated experts of our company offer top-of-the-line weed control, fertilization and pest control services.

    We start by performing an assessment of the management needs of your property to determine the right treatment plan that at the same time accords with your preferences. The programs available from our company are designed to keep your garden beautifully green and lush all through the seasons.

    Irrigation Installation

    Making your lawn lush, healthy and beautiful add value and curb appeal to your property. It definitely makes your outdoor area more relaxing and enjoyable. In this sense, your greeneries need to be well-watered.

    Our team of technicians is an expert when it comes to installing irrigation systems for lawn sprinklers as well as drip irrigation. We have all the equipment needed for such projects. With proper irrigation systems, your lawn and garden maintenance is in good shape, making them ever more looking attractive.

    An efficient sprinkler and drip irrigation system helps your outdoor greeneries get the right amount of water that they need.

    Snow and Ice Management

    Snow should be properly removed from your property during the winter months. Otherwise, it could wreak havoc in your premises. 

    Our crew are specialists in providing effective snow removal services so that your property remains safe, and your lawn is kept beautiful during winter and the following seasons. Our snow ploughing and snow removal services are top-notch, too- keeping your decks, walkways and patios cleared of ice and snow.

    Call Us For All Your Landscapes Bolton Needs

    We are proud of the superior ethics, craftsmanship, and quality service that we deliver. Our landscapes Bolton company is the friendly neighbourhood guys who care for your property, your budget, the community, and the environment.

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